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I moved from ArchLinux as my primary to @fedora -- maybe I'm getting old, but everything on my servers and desktops just works (Fedora, full time, on my main box, from Windows)
I'm happy to be back. My first full-time Linux was Red Hat 9, my first Linux ever was 5.1!

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I humbly propose that each year we give one (1) academic paper an award -- it goes to the paper that requires the largest number of bong rips to fully appreciate

"What is a Mathematical Structure of Conscious Experience?"

Daaang, Chess960 -- (fka Fischer Random, because Fischer, while brilliant, went insane) -- Chess960 is cooler than I thought.

Loading ~333 chess games/sec -- parsed, fingerprinted, serialized, deserialized, indexed -- for a nice average. Does this mean I'm.... OpenSearching for Bobby Fischer?

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By the way, with Musk already cutting off @Tibor's Movetodon, it's likely that Debirdify and Fedifinder are not long for this world. Even if Musk doesn't kill them immediately, they'll likely die when the API fees kick in next week.

So if you're still on Twitter, or know people there, you might want to encourage them to at least set up accounts here now, before it becomes more difficult.

I think I've finally got a handle on how to make a modern-enough frontend without using any NodeJS in the live stack (save maybe as a bundler trimming CSS at compile time)

@jzelinskie I figured I could run my own instance (with a better domain name than any of the usual suspects)… and then just aggressively be by invitation as people I know want accounts given ElonTwitter.

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